Why ACC EMAR for your LTC Pharmacy?

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  • LTC PHARMACY MARKETING FRIENDLY EMAR - We focus on making your pharmacy more attractive in the LTC space in multiple ways.  One of those is providing you with a differentiator in marketing your services with a top notch EMAR with features others don't have.
  • LTC PHARMACY COST FRIENDLY EMAR -  We are priced at an extremelty aggressive price point to provide you with an EMAR that exceeds expectations at an incredibly affordable price point.  We know that pharmacies are facing challenging times with falling reimbursements, and we do our part to be your partner.
  • LTC PHARMACY PROFIT FRIENDLY EMAR - Our software can help you cut costs by reducing wastage of medications shipped to your senior care facilities.  This will go a long way towards improving your bottom line.  Please call us and ask us how!
  • EASY AND SIMPLE INTERFACE PROCESS - We most likely have an interface with your pharmacy software, as we are integrated with several industry leading pharmacy software companies. This makes your proces easier

Don't take our word for it - please call us at 321-574-5356, join us for a demo, and decide for yourself!

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