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Middle Market Senior Care/Assisted Living Software

Middel Market Senior Care/Assisted Living Software

AL Cloud Care is specifically designed for Assisted Living and Senior Care facilities serving the Middle Market.  We understand that the Middle Market can not charge the high rents of the Luxury segment and operate with tighter margins.  Yet, these operators are still responsible for delivering quality care to their senior residents.

AL Cloud Care is your complete, affordable software partner helping you meet those commitments at a cost that will not crush your margins.  Further, our operations software will help you increase your efficiency and improve your budget compliance, and that leads to an even better bottom line, while providing a high level of service!

Our full software suite that includes EMAR, Resident Charting, Budgeting, Billing and Operations among other modules, will help you become a leader in the Middle Market Senior Care space!

Don't take our word for it - please call us at 321-574-5356, join us for a demo, and decide for yourself!

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